Ways to Save on Gasoline

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Ways to Save on Gasoline

HARRISONBURG, Va. According to AAA Mid Atlantic, gas prices are on the rise in Virginia.

In just a week, gas prices have increased 7 cents in the Commonwealth. Prices are lower than the national average, which is nearly $3.30.

At an Exxon gas station on East Market street on Wednesday, the price of a gallon was $3.13 cents. By Saturday, the price jumped to $3.20. The price change is similar at the Sheetz station on East Market Street.

Betty Haskins, a driver, pays close to attention to gas prices.

„I drive every day but we travel every http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ other weekend,“ said Haskins.

She said she had noticed a change.

„They have gone up quite a bit because of the holidays,“ said Haskins.

According to AAA, gas prices are going up due to an increased demand and lower supply of crude oil.

„It is important to save money, actually. If it goes up, you can’t cheap jerseys save money,“ said Haskins.

„Maintenance is the biggest part for the life of your vehicle plus fuel consumption,“ said Joseph.

He recommends people to check the car’s tire pressure regularly, change the oil and other fluids often. In addition, you should check and replace filters.

„If your air filter is clogged or whatever, then it can’t get proper fuel mixture and it makes it use a lot more fuel than it would have. Air filter is cheap compared to the price of gas,“ said Joseph.

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