Ways to prevent a fire during

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Ways to prevent a fire during the holiday season

The holidays are here and that means many homes are decorated inside and out, but are you taking the proper safety precautions? Clay Fire Marshal Dave Cherrone has some things for you to remember when decorating.

He says you never want to buy any electrical lights or electric decorations from garage sales or preowned stores. He says if you do that you have no idea if they have been recalled. He says you should keep in mind that some older lights send off a lot of heat. That heat can easily cause a surface burn. If your lights are damaged in any way he recommends buying new ones. They are so cheap these days there is no point in trying to repair them with tape. That tape could cause a problem.

Speaking of lights, Cherrone recommends getting timers for your lights outside and recommends turning off and even unplugging your indoor lights when you cheap jerseys go to bed or leave your home.

When it comes to candles, Cherrone says you want to keep the wicks trimmed. You also want to keep them away from dry vegetation so it doesn’t catch fire. Finally, make sure your candle fits the holder so it doesn’t fall over. You may want to consider using fake candles.

Millions of trees are sold every year but when they get into your house they could pose a safety hazard if not taken care of properly. Cherrone says you need to get a stand that holds the water you need to keep your tree hydrated. Before sticking your tree in the stand make sure you make a fresh cut. Trees drink about a gallon of water a day.

If you work at a place that http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ loves to decorate make sure it is safe. Cherrone says you want to make sure your exit signs are not covered, your decorations should be fire retardant and you should not hang decorations on your sprinkler system.

Keep in mind, falls are the number 1 leading cause of accidental injury and death so take your time and be safe. Don’t forget to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

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