Pink tax victory for women in Illinois

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Pink tax victory for women in Illinois

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. The battle of the on Women continues.

January first will bring more than just a new year in 2017. Along with that, several new pieces of legislation will also go into effect. That includes removing taxes on select feminine health care products.

A new law will soon be in place that takes the tax off of items essential to women health and women health cheap jerseys alone such as tampons and pads. But this new law won effect the entire Wabash Valley the same.

„It that time of the month again.“

A phrase reserved for women, that results in costly products, but a new law passed in Illinois will remove taxes on those items, starting January first.

Martinsville, Illinous resident, Elizabeth Smith, likes the sound of that.

„It kind of a one sided deal. Men don have to pay for them, so I think it great that women don have to pay taxes on them anymore,“ says Smith.

But not all women will see the same tax relief on their essential feminine products. Just across the street, women in the Hoosier state still need to pay up. That includes Brenda Toney, a local teacher from Terre Haute, Indiana.

„It is awful that they do get taxed with it, because it a cost that we don want. It not a choice that women have,“ says Toney.

Indiana made an attempt to pass similar legislation, but it failed.

„We have to have it, and it not fair. It really isn fair. Indiana needs to look at that again,“ says Toney.

Fair or not, it a basic necessity, even categorized as „feminine protection,“ but that protection isn cheap. It comes with loads of advertisements that target women early, and marketing that talks directly to „tweens“ packaged in sparkly boxes.

„It going to be an awful mess if we don fix that, but we do. We need to consider what important, and taking care of feminine hygiene is important,“ says Toney.

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