Arizona Cardinals’ ‘Fan Fest 2010′ a hit with participants

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Featuring games and drills for kids, a chance to gather some autographs and the opportunity to watch a Cardinals practice, the event was a clear hit with the thousands of people who showed up to participate in the activities, the majority of which were free of charge.

„It’s just incredible,“ Chandler resident Mark Campbell said. „Getting to do all the fun stuff over here and then getting to see the players it’s just a lot of fun.

Dave Williams, who lives in Ahwatukee but is originally from the San Francisco area,Cheap Jerseys from china has been coming to the event for the past three years and said it sets the Cardinals apart from other NFL teams that don’t offer a similar experience for fans.

„(The 49ers) don’t do anything like this,“ he said. „(The Cardinals) are establishing a fan base here, and that’s what they need.“

In the sea of red jerseys and Cardinals gear at the facility, one group of fans stood out.

Joe Gil came to Fan Fest from Phoenix with his family, adorned in Raiders jerseys.

Gil, who called the Raiders his hometown team but said he still roots for the Cardinals, said he actually didn’t receive too much flak from Cardinals supporters.

The players, however, were a different story.

„They told me to get out,“ Gil said with a laugh.

Perhaps it’s a good thing Gil didn’t run into twins Annabel and Gabriella Reeder, 4, of Gilbert.

Otherwise he might have been blasted by the chant the girls learned from watching games with their father, Terry a sentiment that was likely shared by many of the fans present Saturday, optimistic about their team’s chances in 2010:

„Let’s go Cardinals! Kick some butt!“

May 24 26: NFL Spring Meeting, Dallas.

June 1: Deadline for old clubs to send tender to unsigned unrestricted free agents to receive exclusive negotiating rights for rest of season if player is not signed by another club by July 22.

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